Routine works

marrowThere are 30 marrows harvested and stored. Hopefully there will be another thirty so that one week will see marrows in the crop share. Now these pumpkins .. Planted the regulation two metres apart but they have still scrambled over all the available space and done the twining together to make a jungle. Ian, our grower, is still hopeful that there’s a good crop hiding in there.

There’s been the grand job of taking the tops off the main crop potatoes – just as a precaution to prevent any chance of blight. The potatoes themselves need leaving in the ground to harden up a little before lifting and storing.

Questions, questions about cutting down the tops of the Jerusalem artichokes or leaving till after the BBQ in a couple of week’s time. Thing is that these fellows are of the sunflower family but we don’t want them to flower as this takes away from the goodness and standard of the roots. Right that’s this week’s useful information given.

As the tomato plants have now reached 8 trusses the tips at the top of the plants have been pinched out to encourage production of the fruits (yes it’s a fruit not a vegetable the tomato) which is what Go Local Food wants in the crop shares.