Oh dear me

cabbage white caterpillarsIt’s been a busy end of the year for the cabbage white butterfly it seems. A few weeks back there seemed to be only a few caterpillars – in fact Ian our grower only counted three on the Go Local Food fields during one week. Things have changed this week though – big time. The radishes have been under attack. The black Tuscany kale has also attracted major attention but the scarlet kale so far seems not to be very infested. The various cabbages have not yet been inspected – well they hadn’t when I was talking to Ian.

There is going to have to be a concerted effort to remove these hungry feeders from the vegetables required for the crop share – they do like a good cabbage or any member of the brassica family  – or even a good nasturtium. Could be a long job this.

Looks as if the caterpillars were just hiding before! Oh dear.