Green tomato chutney time and other growing

pickled green tomatoesIan our grower says to give members due warning – expect green tomatoes in your crop share for making chutney. The bottom trusses are trailing where they should not so will be dispersed to members. Get your jars ready and put time aside for making chutney then.

You have been warned then!

Now that the preparations for the Go Local Food BBq are over, Ian and the work shares can go back to the usual growing routine. It’s the quiet time of the year for growing though fennel, kale and a few late beetroot have been planted out (or are about to be).

Kale, chard and beetroot are to be sown to go into the poly tunnels. Caterpillars are to be removed from the brussel sprouts. Rats are to be deterred from making inroads into comfortable places for the winter. They too don’t want to stay out in the cold and are just beginning to appear on the fields.

Ian is contemplating an idea for next year. He’s wondering if he can acquire enough wood chippings to put in a corner of the fields (maybe under the hedges if this isn’t going to be too dry) and seeding them with mushrooms. He thinks maybe to try this in his own growing space at Temperley as a trial first. Just a passing idea.

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