Potato lifter

potatoes in sackIan, the grower at Go Local Food, went down to Helmsley last Wednesday to collect the potato lifter that he has bought. Not the top of the range one that grades to the nth degree you realise as we don’t have the sandy soil that makes these really effective. But a better one than what we are using at present.

Even so, a better, proper potato lifter that will make it possible to lift potatoes more easily. And it has some grading facility that sorts out the really small ones that are no use for the crop shares. Anything that makes life easier for the grower and work shares can only be a good thing. As the potato beds need clearing now in order to make space for the autumn planting garlic which is on order this sounds a good investment. Ah crop rotation – the endless great planning for next year.

It may be that we will be sharing this with elsewhere to make life easier for someone else too but that has to be confirmed – all depends on how other people’s finances work out.