The autumn field work

pumpkinTwo rows of chard have been planted this week.  Uchiki Kuri pumpkins and marrows have been lifted and stored for future crop shares. You don’t like marrows? oooooooooooh I know a good recipe to help with that problem.

Pea frames are being taken down. All the beans are coming down as they are cleared because it’s the end of their season. The last of the broad beans have been removed – there were many late pods without beans in them. It seems the pollinators didn’t do a proper job there for reasons not known.

General clearing up is on-going as crops are cut down. Potatoes need lifting as the space is required for planting of winter onions and garlic sets. The order for Senshyu yellow Japanese onion sets and Shakespeare brown skin sets have arrived. Both should be planted during September and October for best results. The same goes for the Solent Wight garlic sets, but very specifically our supplier says to plant between 15th September and 15th October. Thing is, these have not arrived yet though ordered at the same time as the onion sets. Hmmmm.