End of summer work

CucumbersGo Local Food fields are being cleared of the remains of the summer crops still. And the weeds are being duly cleared at a pace. It’s a thing that weeds usually grow in among crops where it’s hard and/or time consuming to get at them and they do seem to have a last hurrah at the end of the growing season.

The one very cold night last week may have finished the cropping on the French beans though Ian our grower hopes for one more picking this week. The beech supports which have been used for supporting various beans are due to go on the bonfire heap. November 5th was mentioned. Don’t know if anything will come of it mind.

There may be baby cucumbers in the crop share this week – it all depends on what is found as the cucumber vines are cleared. Yes it’s the time of year for that job again as the space is needed in the poly tunnels for planting up for winter crop shares.

The watering has been reduced to the tomatoes, the tips pinched out and the leaves removed. This does seem to be encouraging ripening of the green ones. But a little sun and warmth would help in this process.