10 Benefits of Volunteering

work share coffee break

  1. Volunteering gives vital help and a voice to many worthwhile causes; Go Local Food can find many tasks for volunteers to do which help us in our crop growing.
  2. Volunteering can be mentally stimulating.
  3. Volunteering helps to create a connection with people around you; at Go Local Food we can help you to work together with others to get jobs done.
  4. Volunteering can give satisfaction and a sense of purpose especially when there is a set task to complete. There are always these to do at Go Local Food.
  5. Volunteering can be fun. We hope to help all our volunteers to enjoy what they do.
  6. Volunteering helps to promote personal growth and self-esteem.
  7. Volunteering helps to extend resources: Go Local Food is a member’s co-operative and all our members can help us to achieve more growing on the fields by volunteering
  8. Volunteering teaches you about the world around you.
  9. Volunteering enables you to give back to society.
  10. Volunteering impacts on today and influences the future.