Are you clearing out? Can you help?

scissorsAre you having an autumn/pre-festive season/end of garden season clear out?

As ever, Go Local Food could use certain items if you are clearing them out.

Ian our grower says that we only have two pairs of scissors for cutting salad crops. So we would definitely welcome any decent sized ones to help out here. We can sharpen them if necessary but it would be one job less if they are sharp. Mugs are always useful too for our tea breaks. Flasks to hold hot water for those tea breaks too.

If you have a larger wheelbarrow you aren’t using that too would be good as we can always use these. We keep spare wheels so if yours has a punctured tyre not to worry.  Spades, forks and hand tools that are in working order are always useful too. Things do break with use and replacements in hand are always good.