A working autumn week


It’s pumpkina slow ripening season for the Go Local Food pumpkins. Mainly this is due to the lack of recent sunshine and warmth. Ian our grower is hovering, hoping that the rain on Wednesday hasn’t filled up the pumpkins with water again – they were drying out nicely but not turning orange.

Seems to be a common problem locally mind and with the nights becoming cold there’s a risk of the crop succumbing to cold. Unfortunately we don’t have a sunny and warm place indoors – kitchen windowsill or whatever – to ripen the numbers we need for our crop shares.

We could do with a sun dance routine locally to help this crop.

But other work is still happening on the fields and poly tunnels work is still happening.

Ian and the work shares have been sowing seeds for winter crops – beetroot, rocket, kale, chard, spinach (two sorts) and parsley.

Also 50 buckets of onion sets have been planted to grow on and be used as scallions (or green onions) for spring crop shares.

A lobelia plant has been discovered in one of the poly tunnels – not something that will be included in the crop shares as the Royal Horticultural Society says”somewhat poisonous; skin & eye irritant”.

The cucumber beds which are now empty have been double dug and worked on. Spinach, pak choi and possibly hardy winter lettuce will go in this space. Just to help keep the crop shares full over the winter.