End of October

strawberry flowerThe ground is thoroughly wet so holding up work on the Go Local Food fields. Membrane is being lifted from around brassicas outside as the continuing damp is causing mould and encouraging aphids. Aphids at this time of the year? Has anyone noted that it’s more like spring than the end of October? Even the strawberries are flowering madly though producing nothing. As for weeds, the chickweed and speedwell are thriving well out of season. As if we needed more weeds!

One row of tomatoes has been taken out in the poly tunnels and membrane put down ready for kale to be planted. One bed of peppers (which were going to produce nothing more) has also been taken out to be replaced by pak choi.  There is hope that we shall be able to get onto the ground to remove the bean frames and the remaining growth soon.

Lettuce has been planted and Ian our grower is going to try for a late crop of pea shoots.