Late Autumn Handy Jobs

planting under cornstarch in poly tunnelGo Local Food is drawing breath and taking a look round to catch up with the odd jobs that have been passed over in the height of the growing season.

Chas, one of our work shares, has built new steps for the snug so that he and the other work shares can enter safely for their tea breaks.

Ian our grower is replacing edging to the beds in the poly tunnels as these are cleared. Seems that some of them have grown in height with the addition of compost and manure (necessary to keep the beds in good growing heart) and are spilling out across the walk ways.

A visit to B&Q is required for battery operated lights for the Palace so that people can see to collect their crop shares on Friday evenings. Ian is going to try for ones that come on as people enter to save having to switch them on and then people forgetting to switch them off as they leave.

The butterfly netting defending crops such as cabbages has been rolled up and stored away as it’s too cool and late in the season for butterflies – with the provisio that it will soon be required to come out again again as pigeon netting to keep the flying pests off the brassicas.