Autumn and winter tidying up continues

onions and garlicAll the garlic has been planted out but there are still some onions that need to go out in the ground.

The area in the Go Local Food poly tunnel where a row of tomato plants was removed last week is dry and sandy so will require manure and compost in order to make it fit for another crop – it has to produce something over the winter for the crop shares. The same process will need to be repeated when another row is cleared this week for the next crop shares.

There are more bean remains to be stripped from frames out on the fields. Then the frames will need to be moved and stacked in storage space so that the ground can be worked over winter in and prepared for use from next spring. Weeding and membrane laying to keep the weeds down over winter also continues.

The compost heap is being turned and the bonfire heap also. There are plans for the lighting of the bonfire at a very informal event without fireworks on Sunday evening – weather permitting of course.