An enjoyable bonfire

BonfireSome fifteen Go Local Food members enjoyed the informal bonfire on the evening of November 5th. One of the group took this picture of a hot and roaring fire. To all counts it was a small group but the company was good.

Ian, our grower, ran up some pumpkin soup with produce from the fields which was kept warm on the BBQ and it seems that this also was much appreciated.

Now that the ashes have cooled down, there are the nails, studs, assorted bits of metal and other remains to be cleared. The downside is that it may be that the remains of the fires will not be fit to use on the soil of the fields due to some of the items burned.

On looking around Ian thinks that another fire will be required to clear all rest of the detritus that has collected over the season. But the upside is that tidiness rules ….. for a period.