Repairs, mechanical and building works

AutumnIt’s the time of the year when there is time to undertake all those left over jobs that are not absolutely essential in the height of the growing season.

This week Ian is hoping to repair his own plough so that he can use it on the Go Local Food fields. This plough has been sitting idle for some long time so is in need of loving care and attention to restore it to working condition. Fingers crossed then that nothing breaks during the restoration and that it is up to the work required of it after due care and attention. To have his own machine up and working would allow Ian to plough the fields at the convenience of Go Local Food rather than having to wait for the good offices of a local farmer as in previous years. Well that is the plan anyway.

The potato lifter also needs some care and attention as some of the links are showing signs of wear and tear – that’s the thing with buying second hand, repairs come around sooner rather than later. Pricing up has been done but what happens next is another matter.

Another pallet rack has been constructed for the storage of the white membrane coverings that are not required at present. This will allow tidy stacking but also it will require that the nicely stacked membranes are tied in place to stop them going awol in high winds – the neighbours and passing traffic might not appreciate large white kites appearing from the fields ….

And finally all the bean frames are neatly stacked in order ready for next year.