And now we have snow ….

Snow on the fieldsThe Go Local Food work shares have been in the bottom poly tunnels finishing laying biodegradable cornstarch membrane on the last of the beds as well as keeping the kettle in the snug busy to warm up again. Time now to plant out tatsoi and winter lettuce in those poly tunnel beds for future crop shares. The smallest Jerusalem artichokes were kept back from the crop shares last week to store and replant next year. The propagator shed has been cleared, cleaned and tidied ready to use for more sowing – but not now.

When snow, rain, frost, fingers, toes, noses and weather permit us getting outside, work is still going on to create the poly tunnel frame in the space where the dome was. Given the right weather it should be possible to get frame and wood in place over the winter. If there is a sudden warm spell (over 10 degrees C without rain and gales) for a day or three, it might be possible to even get the plastic in place. My but at present that seems most likely to be a dream of spring.

And just to help scare away the pigeons who haven’t yet had the need to take crop shares from Go Local Food:

  1. Large hoops covered with netting to protect the purple sprouting broccoli need to go in place
  2. A terrahawk of some description is on order to frighten off said pigeons – that must be worth a picture or three when it’s in place