Why you should buy and eat local food

autumn veg“There are many good reasons to choose local foods but here is our top 10, based mainly on the views of 1300 shoppers buying local food we spoke to in 12 different towns.

Those shoppers agreed with us that eating local foods can be good for you, your community and your local environment.  So we hope we can encourage you to join them in seeking out and buying local food. We don’t think you’ll regret it and it could change the way you shop and eat forever.”

1. You are supporting local farmers and producers
2. You get to enjoy great quality and taste
3. You are supporting your local economy
4. You cut the distance your food has to travel
5. You get good value for your money
6. You’ll find it easier to eat seasonally
7. You can cut down on wasted packaging
8. You can take better control of what’s in your food and your health
9. You can help protect your local countryside
10. You can build new connections with your community

Read the whole article by By Graeme Willis http://www.cpre.org.uk – it expands on all the things that Go Local Food offers to our members. It writes up all the things that make Go Local Food an excellent example of community supported agriculture.