Deeply lay the frost and even

frosty treeThe recent cold weather has caused an almost full stop to the outside work on the Go Local Food fields. It’s just the top inch or so which has turned slippery and unpleasant. And the forecast is for a cold weekend again so winter continues – so the rain will probably freeze on top again. The water supplies in the poly tunnels are frozen despite the sort of thaw on Wednesday. With frozen water it is difficult to water the crops in the poly tunnels but it has to be done!

Therefore clearing up is the order of the week. Hoops and netting are still being found and put tidily in preparation for use when the pigeons appear (soon no doubt) to eat brassicas. Compost heap turning and spreading of manure can be done even if it’s the bucket put on the tractor to help. The Jerusalem artichoke bed has been manured but it’s not good to send out the work shares to replant till this has rotted down a little bit more !! and things are a little warmer soil wise.