Winding down for Christmas holidays

A prospering poly tunnelThe Go Local Food poly tunnels are having to be ventilated with the sudden mild weather – but closed up again at nights. Of course with the thaw this week the fields are now nicely muddy. What fun – not.

The frost has damaged the water system and when I spoke to Ian, our grower, he was looking for tools to enable repairs to the rubber seals to allow water to flow so that kettles could be filled for the final work share days and for the poly tunnels to be watered.

Santa’s grotto was being erected in the Palace ready for the festive vegetable collection this weekend – be warned it’s a one way system!

Hedges have been cut but there are a few bits of tidying up to be done when work starts again in the New Year as all mechanical tools have been taken for storage off site over the holidays.

So this weekend with the collection of crop shares will be the wind down until work starts again during the second week of January.