Return of the growers for 2018

cabbagesbarrow of leeks

Go Local Food has returned to the fields in 2018 after the Christmas break with enthusiasm despite rain, frost and cold.

However, growing has to go on and the preparations have begun to sow the Zermatt leeks (an early leek crop). These will be followed somewhat later by the main crop Musselburgh leeks. So – even this early there are plans to use the propagating shed to start off crops for the coming year.

The mild wet weather before Christmas caused problems with mould and mildew. Then followed the really hard, cold frosts which have resulted in damage to the cabbages which were holding water and which have split where it froze in some cases. Oh and the pigeons have had a field day or two eating the purple sprouting broccoli.

Meanwhile Ian our grower and the crop shares are in the process of getting the poly tunnels back into full production. A little more light, warm and maybe even some sun would help here.