Knowing your onions…

onions dryingGO Local Food is all about the environment. We demonstrate that there is an alternative to growing on a large scale using chemicals and systems that have a heavy impact on our environment. We do this very well – each year we learn a little more, and come up with new ideas for improving our efficiency and effectiveness. And each year we are presented with particular challenges often linked to the weather or pests or both – no two years are alike!

We grow seasonal veg, but as we have no storage facilities there are times in the year when we need to supplement our crops with vegetables grown elsewhere, our rule in this case being local and organic, local then national and organic.  And this year we’ve had an unusual conundrum. Due to the weather in 2017 our onions, in common with other growers, did not do so well. Though you might not have realised it, there is a general shortage of onions.

‘Poppycock’ (or some other exclamation) I hear you say, the supermarkets and shops are full of onions and so they are. Onions from far afield are available and the supermarkets with their huge buying power are proudly displaying English onions but there aren’t many left for other (smaller) buyers. If we want to buy onions within our budget and with our environmental concerns in mind, our choices are… paying a high price, buying onions from outside the UK, buying a larger quantity than we need or going without … just one of many dilemmas that smaller producers face.