Traditional North Eastern Food

carlin peasDid you know that carlin peas are a traditional crop that used to be an important and traditional source of protein here in the North East in times past?

Cooking Carlins

Around the Northern regions and especially in the North east of England, a number of methods of cooking and eating these small peas exist.

These vary greatly from just soaking the peas overnight, then after rinsing, boiling until tender. They can then be served hot as an accompanying vegetable, or fried  in butter,  adding brown sugar and sometimes Rum.

They can also be  eaten cold with salt, pepper and vinegar.

Served like this, they were to be found on  the bars of many north east pubs on ‘Carlin Sunday’

Salt should never be added during cooking as this actually stops the cooking process.”

Carlin peas

Homindods are now working hard to restore carlin peas to be part of the British food scene (along with Fava beans). You may find them in health food shops and called Black Badgers, Grey or Black peas. You can also order them from Suma when Go Local Food organises one of our members orders.