Doing some growing

RosemaryNot much can be done outside at Go Local Food at the moment due to the ground being so wet. But a trench has been dug near the bee hives and close to the Palace. This is going to be the site of a rosemary hedge which will be grown from cuttings that have been taken up at the fields. Two reasons for this hedge:

Number one is to allow foraging for the bees when the hedge is in flower and number two is for members to be able to take some as part of their free herbs that go with summer crop shares.

Inside, compost trays are being prepared ready to sow Chinese greens, winter lettuce and spinach. The trays when filled will probably be started in the propagating shed and then moved to either a poly tunnel or a cool greenhouse (at Temperley) as these crops don’t need much heat to start them off (but they don’t need frost either).

So the 2018 season is properly underway.