On the fields – it’s February

chitted charlotte potatoesA skip was supposed to arrive for Go Local Foods’ All Hands Saturday last week. Didn’t happen but is now on site. Job for the work shares on Friday to fill it then. After Amy’s major efforts to tidy up the shed last week, let’s hope that Ian our grower hasn’t had a chance to retrieve many items – he seems to be a bit of a hoarder (well he says he is and he should know).

On the growing side, broad bean seeds are in trays in the poly tunnels and shelves are erected in the middle tunnel for the future. This is to raise the trays as beans sprout to keep them away from the teeth of visiting wildlife. Winter lettuces are showing and will need to be pricked out in the next few days. Overwintered onions bought on indoors need to be transplanted to an available space outdoors. Rain rain stay away. Seed potatoes are going to be chitted. There’s discussion of bringing on a few in buckets if Ian can get hold of enough buckets – visit to a friendly farmer coming up.

There has been clearing outside of the frozen brassicas which thawed out and became slimy and mouldy. We are desperate for indoor storage which might have prevented this disaster. Project for the future coming on?

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