It’s still winter

rainDeep cold, rain, sleet and snow still prevail on the Go Local Food fields this week. Nothing can really be done outside. Even the attempts to put in and tighten the screws on the frame where the small dome used to be was beyond the fingers of the willing work shares due to the sheer cold freezing fingers to metal on Wednesday.

So everyone retired into the warmer working poly tunnel to sort out the seed packets for the season. First these were sorted into alphabetical order then into boxes for each month of sowing. This is where Amy our work share who is a librarian by trade came into her own for taking charge of the system. Many boxes are now organised for the day when it looks as if winter is going to loosen its grip. Ian our grower thinks we may have enough plus some to fill up the fields and tunnels this coming season.

Ian is off on his annual “holidays” for two weeks to be a shepherd as his flock of ewes are about to produce lambs – starting next Monday he says. We can hope for a change of weather for both him, other shepherds and all the growers who have itchy fingers then.