From the cold fields

Pricking out of the seedlings planted a few weeks ago is in full swing. 350 done so far this week and just another 1000 or so to do.  There was a break on Thursday afternoon to unload a trailer of floor boards from a very generous benefactor. All different lengths, sizes, thicknesses. Apparently there was a change of heart and these were not going to be used in a renovation but they will be ideal for making raised beds in the Growing Gang’s area, in poly tunnels and for repairing doors. Any left over will make excellent kindling for members. Talking of members – there is much splitting of oregano (one of our herbs) as Go Local Food has rather a lot. 2 buckes split and 50 small pots created for members individually.  About another 14 buckets to sort!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seedlings in trays Seedlings in trays Seedlings in buckets Seedlings in modules