Different to just a veg box…

All PlantedLots of our members found us by searching for a suitable veg box scheme – and found us as an alternative!

One of our members tells of her reaction when she stumbled into us… “Well, the whole thing sounded awesome and inspiring and really important and therefore something I wanted to get involved in.”

We started out with a focus on the environment and all the issues of food miles, plastic wrapping, chemicals, loss of wildlife, pollution and a general dis-connect with where we lived… identifying many problems on such a vast scale was overwhelming! We decided to demonstrate that it was possible to take action locally by growing our vegetables taking as any of these things as possible into account.

If you, like us, are concerned about the environment – why not support GO Local Food by joining as a member? For only £26 per year, you can be a part of a co op that is helping the environment, giving children and young people an opportunity to get involved, share in ordering goods from SUMA, get a chance to buy local produce, enjoy being outdoors in a purposeful way by volunteering on the fields, take part in workshops and have fun at various social events.

For further information contact admin@golocalfood.org.uk