All the trials of growing

field vole


Chard was sown in the Go Local Food poly tunnels but along came the mice and scratched up the seeds so the job needs redoing. Voles and moles are also active. These too will probably attempt poly tunnel raiding looking for food and shelter as so little is growing outside due to the wet, cold weather.

Ian our grower has seen roe deer in the locality in his travels. He feels that with the weather having put him about a month behind in the growing schedule he can expect to see these up on the fields too. Ever the pessimist is Ian – he seems to work on the principle of if it can go wrong it will and if possible at the most inconvenient time.

The first peppers and tomato seedlings have been potted on – our cheerful grower expects the weekend weather to set them back, maybe severely. The logic of starting them this early is that last year we had a late start with both crops and lost some of the produce as a result.