Outside on the fields

broad beans

On Wednesday about 30 metres of broad beans were sown outside on the Go Local Fields. Hurrah – a crop in the ground in a thoroughly late planting season. The second batch has been sown in the poly tunnels.

There are plastic cloches covering the raised beds to warm up the soil in advance of sowing carrot seeds in the near future.

The plan for Thursday was to plant out the onions that have been growing on in the poly tunnels over winter.

Ian the grower is hopeful that the second sowing of broad beans might see the outside world in a couple of weeks but someone mentioned snow on the forecast again. Some weather forecasts think that there will be snow for Easter. A grower’s nightmare following on from the cry of everything is behind due to the weather.

If you actually look at the fields as you go around the countryside you will see how little growth there is. The grass shows simply how the weather has held up outdoor growth. Whereas in most years this would be showing a good spurt of green this far on in March to the relief of shepherds who want their ewes and lambs outside along with all keepers of other livestock herds, this year there’s barely a tinge of green.