Bored with eating leafy salads? “Smooth it”

green smoothie(Green breakfast, lunch or dinner) with thanks to work share Jola

How to:

  1. Take one leaf /portion of your greens, no limit on the number of different greens from the Go Local Food selection (lettuce, chard, sorrel, leeks, kale, carrot, chives, cabbage, parsley, celeriac, mizuno, rocket, pok choi, chicory or anything else that arrives)
  2. VegetarianLiquidise with milk, yogurt or kefir
  3. VeganLiquidise with either coconut milk (high fat content mind), orange juice
  4. Optional for super healthy – Add to ready made smoothie whole grain (insoluble fibre) wheat, barley, rye (not oats)
  5. Result – Maximum vitamins, antioxidants, low GI, low calories, healthy planet