Busy bird life


Go Local Food has a very active variety of bird life at the moment. One robin’s nest has fledged. The thrush is still sitting on the nest on the potato planter.

There have been a couple of partridges around the fields – Grower Ian thinks they are most likely red legged ones but he’s not totally sure. Ian’s tractor was out of commission for a period till he repaired it but he didn’t notice that a blackbird had built a nest on it and laid eggs. He found out as he finished doing some ploughing so it’s a bad year for the blackbirds on the fields.

A kestrel was spotting rising from the ground over the fields so obviously had caught something edible. The pigeons have been pinching the best shoots of the last of the purple sprouting broccoli.

2 thoughts on “Busy bird life

  1. Two young blackbirds running around the polytunnels this morning so its not all bad news!, also a couple or three young robins and a young thrush crying to be fed! their poor parents can’t keep up with them

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