Working for future crop shares

potatoes in sackThere is one more bag of early potatoes to plant up by the weekend. This is going to have to be done by ploughing a trench, dropping the potatoes in at appropriate spaces (by hand) and then earthing up. Grower Ian hasn’t worked out yet how to use the earthing up machine but no doubt it will happen when needs must.  With the thrush still sitting on her nest on the potato planting machine work isn’t as easy as it might be.

Ian and Go Local Food work shares have almost finished planting the tomatoes in the poly tunnels. The main crop peppers are all planted up. As well as Hot Banana a new variety is being tried – Benbido I think Ian said which has good write ups and recommendations. We shall see. The cucumbers are being left till next week as the weather forecast is for a couple of chilly nights and our poly tunnels are not heated.

The last of the purple sprouting broccoli has been removed – the pigeons were feasting on the last few decent spears that were growing though there were not many of those so it was perhaps slim pickings all round.