The big catch up

pattypan squashThe Go Local Fields are suddenly looking like ground preparation is well in hand and crops are all ready to go. The latest delivery of compost has arrived to be mixed with the offerings from Halls of Heddon – all to help with improving the beds and improve the growing environment.

The squash bed in almost ready for the squashes which are also almost ready. Though grower Ian is wary as his first batch went out last year in June and were frosted so he is being more circumspect. Apparently this year there will be no pattypan squash “because no-one liked them last year”.  (Ian should have told me, I would have taken as many as possible as we love them in our family).

The tomatoes are ahead of themselves as are the runner beans. French beans are coming along in the poly tunnels. The first of the cucumbers are already also planted with the rest to follow soon.