What happened at Growers’ Question Time

strawberry flowerOur third year of Growers Question Time on May 22nd had an even larger audience of growers with gardens and allotments than ever to challenge our panel with a wide range of questions. The event seems to be going from strength to strength.

Our expert panel – John Guy from Kirkley Hall, Kate Norris Northumbrian Flowers, Tom Martin Wylam Nurseries, and Ian Todd Go Local Food – did a grand job.

What would your answer be to this question?  “Can you suggest fragrant plants (tall ones if possible) that are rabbit proof?” Hmm.

Another question was “Even though I can grow most other vegetables why can’t I grow courgettes?”

The team also challenged the audience in return, launching the Scrumptious Strawberry competition. Every participant left with a plant to tend and a request to photograph at its most delightful. We’ll be displaying the results at the Apple Pressing day in October. Another event to come. Keep an eye on your apple crop then.

In addition to the serious matter of plants and growing participants enjoyed a scrumptious supper too. Many thanks to our volunteers for cooking and organising this feast.