How our weekly crop share works

About our Crop share

Every week late on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday morning our members head to the Go Local Food fields located by the Halls of Heddon nursery at Ovington to collect their crop share of our locally grown vegetables.

The vegetables to go in the crop shares for the weekend will have been decided upon earlier in the week and harvested from the fields and poly tunnels during Friday by our work shares. The crops are taken to the Palace by crate or wheelbarrow and placed on the tables ready for our members to collect. Our members weigh out their own share guided by the amounts written on the board above the tables. Yes it’s all planned, methodical and worked out so that everyone gets a fair and proper share of what is picked.

Our crop shares come in 3 different sizes: small (typically 5 items), medium (typically 7 items) and large (50% more above the medium share). Find out how to join us here if you are not yet a member.