This week’s work

fat hen weedGo Local Food’s sweetcorn has reappeared now that the fat hen has been weeded out – Ian says it was a case of sweetcorn 3 – fat hen 7 before the weeding happened. But he thinks that the weeds protected the sweetcorn from the worst of the recent winds.

Other jobs completed include celeriac planted out, Chinese cabbage planted out, radicchio planted out, young basil plants now in between the cucumbers and young parsley plants in between the tomatoes in the poly tunnels.

More chili peppers, another row of peas, dwarf French beans, cauliflowers and calabrese should be planted this week; the fennel needs to be planted to replace the proper onions which should be lifted for this week’s crop share. More permanent membrane needs to be laid ready for uchiki kiri squash this week – that should be easier to do this week with the winds quieter.

Let’s hope that all those on the members’ field tour this weekend appreciate all the work done.