Wild life over the years

grasshopperIt’s been six years since we moved onto the Go Local Food growing site and began to cultivate the soil. Now it’s not only the members who are benefiting from the fruits of our labour – the wildlife appears to be thriving too.

We aim to grow as naturally as possible using natural pesticides as approved by the Soil Association or the Wholesome Food Association. As a result of our approach there has been a noticeable increase in the diversity of insects, mammals and birds seen on the fields. Our work shares see a wide range of bird life, insects, moles and hedgehogs.  It has been a particularly good year for voles so far, leading to more sightings of predatory birds such as Buzzards, Red Kites, Kestrels, a Tawny Owl and a pair of Barn Owls.

Insects that have been noticed include grasshoppers, dragonfly and a variety of beetles.

Not so welcome, perhaps, are the large numbers of pigeons and rabbits attracted to the field who want to help themselves to their own share of our crops growing in the field and the poly tunnels. Despite our best efforts to deter them it seems our crop share vegetables are too tasty to resist!