Hot and dry

Friday on the no dig bedsThe sun is out and very hot, the weather is very dry. All crops are having to be watered – out on the fields as well as in the poly tunnels. The nice porous, good growing soil is not holding moisture. Ian our grower would like to water only once a week but it’s every other day at present.

Of course the water pressure up at the fields is really poor. The pleasure of being at the top of the hill. So the water in all the tanks is used in the first round of watering in the morning. The tanks are then allowed to refill and later on in the afternoon the whole watering process has to be repeated.

The hot dry weather is holding up the planting out of the winter brassicas as they aren’t able to stand the heat. So the brassica bed is having to be cleared of annual weeds again. Heavy duty permanent weed membrane is going to be laid down when this is completed to stop more weeds growing. This membrane will let the rain through – whenever it chooses to rain of course.