The Great Disappearing Tomato Mystery

tomatoes and chiliesOn Tuesday Ian picked the first of the ripe tomatoes, he was planning that each member would get 1 in their crop share this week. However when his back was turned 9 disappeared…
This could be a whodunit, a fairy story, a maths problem or a lateral thinking exercise – send us your solution to the mystery  – we have a crop share for the winner.
Here’s a little more info to go on… it was hot and sunny –  we have a mole problem in some of our tunnels they like the fact we water our plants and eat the roots – Ian is sure he had picked 24 – the harvested tomatoes were in a crate still in one of the tunnels – they were unattended for 5 hours whilst more pumpkins were planted.
To enter the competition simply email your entry to – by Wednesday 18th July; we’ll notify winner with details of how to collect their share and publish the results.