This week on the fields

docksThe task of the week for this Thursday is to clear a bed full of six foot tall docks! Apparently the photographer here managed to take this picture without including the dock patch behind the work shares.

Work share William is still patiently digging out couch grass from various beds. He seems to have been doing this all season. Ian the grower is planning to plough a clear bed full of couch and then run the potato lifter over the result. Apparently this method has helped to improve beds which have been a nightmare with couch grass.

Work share Duncan and his son Sully have been preparing the bed for winter brassicas (savoy cabbage and late cauliflowers).

And the thistles have met the flame thrower again – this will help to prevent the seeds blowing everywhere when the strimmer comes to clear them away in preparation for the summer BBQ this weekend.