Go Local Food – a crop share scheme and a community

What's on eventsGo Local Food is a community supported agricultural scheme growing local vegetables to share with our members on a weekly basis (with a break over Christmas and the New Year as with many other similar schemes – our grower and work shares need a holiday too and the middle of winter is not really growing weather).

But we are also a community with many events that tie in with our growing scheme –

  • the all hands hours on the last Saturday of the month allow our crop shares to give a hand and see the growing cycle close up
  • the summer BBQ allows people to see the fields in the growing season
  • apple pressing and chutney making events are ways that help our members to make use of their crop shares as well as produce from their own apple trees, foraging …
  • the annual Halloween event is a celebration of the pumpkin season as well as a very social get together
  • members meetings are the place for people to have a say in the running of the scheme and the crops that are grown
  • the growing gang over spring, summer and early autumn is our way of introducing youngsters to growing and making them aware of where their food comes from

So much for our members as a community to be involved in and with – so much more than just vegetables.