Supporting the environment

toilet rollGrowing vegetables as a community in an environmentally friendly way and trying to ensure that we are part of the local community of food suppliers is but part of what Go Local Food does. We also think about wider issues concerning the environment and like to encourage our members to support other suppliers who share our ethics. And here is one such – toilet paper from recycled sources and not using trees!

Toilet paper supporting building of toilets in other parts of the world.

Apparently the firm has now expanded into the USA as well. Of course we in Prudhoe and district have an interesting take on the subject of toilet paper. We have a major employer who makes recycled toilet paper and supports a number of community efforts. This firm is a major national supplier of toilet paper and other household paper products. Their work in the community projects is not the same as stating that part of their profits are used in a charitable and environmental fashion by supporting worldwide needs. But not every town has a major business producing toilet paper. It’s an interesting dilemma – every decision we make can be ethically complex.