Chutney Workshop with Kilbryde Conserves

Kilbryde Conserves chutney workshopBridget from Kilbryde Conserves ran this workshop for us and here tells us all about it.

Every year we, at Go Local Food, have a chutney crop share when the tomatoes won’t ripen any more. Its a great way of using up green tomatoes.

So this year I thought we should have a practice and be ready for the chutney crop share. I was joined by a small but perfectly formed group in the fabulous kitchen at the Wylam Institute.

We used a basic chutney recipe and some ingredients. Then we chose different sugars, dried fruit and spices to make our very own chutneys. We used some Go Local Food grown vegetables, and some Kilbryde Conserves grown fruit. We made a hot spicy chutney, and a more mellow, sweet one.

As well as all that we ate cheese scones, tasted a few different chutneys, drank tea and and coffee and set the world to rights. I had a fantastic time, I hope others did too! We’d like another workshop and thought about practicing some things that might make good Christmas gifts (seems early but its not as far away as you think!) so keep your eyes peeled for more information, we’d love you to join us!