We do Suma Orders

suma logoDon’t live near a Suma stockist but wanting to purchase vegan, vegetarian, organic, free-from and Fairtrade products?

Some years back, Go Local Food decided to set up a food buying group for our members though Suma to allow our members to do just that and to add to our crop share offering with an order being placed every couple of months.  This is a fantastic way to access their goods and services, and to get high quality products delivered to the Go Local Field which you can collect with your crop share if you have one (though you are welcome to just be a member who orders Suma products).

Products include tinned tomatoes, bread flour, oil, nuts and seeds, cereals, toilet rolls, washing up liquid, shampoo and soap – amongst many other items have appeared in members orders on the field.  It’s a great way of buying 5 litres of washing up liquid or toilet cleaner or laundry softener or shampoo which you can decant into smaller containers at home that you have collected over the years. Or you can split a tray of beans, tinned tomatoes or similar if you only want a smaller quantity or just to try out a product. You can view the full range at http://www.suma.coop/

Keep an eye open for the next order which we will put on Facebook or let you know by way of our weekly newsletter, The Peelings.