One week’s work in October

Spaghetti SquashThe work shares are urgently collecting all the remaining squashes (spaghetti squash, the last of the uchiki kuri and the pumpkins) that are still outside. Wind or chilly nights have done the damage. So indoors they must go to store for future crop shares.

The last of the onion beds has to be cleared and the onions stored.

Some of the tomato plants have been removed from the poly tunnels and digging over the cleared beds proceeds.

The old poly tunnel beds which were originally for peppers before the attack of Mr Mole took out the roots are now cleared and dug over. All are now ready for the winter brassicas (kale and cousins) but the actual planting up must wait as the weather has suddenly turned warm again and temperatures in the poly tunnel are too high. Everything will go to seed if planted up now.