End of October work

uchiki kiri squashThe Go Local Food work shares have been undertaking much fast clearing and preparing of of poly tunnel beds in order to plant up bought on seedlings as the weather forecast at the start of the week mentioned snow towards the weekend. Though that threat seems to have been removed as the week has continued. Don’t you just love the weather forecasters when minds are changed?

Ian our grower has washed down the outside of the poly tunnels in order to make the most of the winter light to help crops grow. The insides are due for disinfecting this week.

Work is progressing on clearing the no till beds of pumpkin haulms, netting, climbing frames and the membrane that the pumpkins grew through. There will have to be a little work done to remove the comfrey roots and the horse’s tail. Unfortunately the comfrey is not the sterile Bocking 14 but the seeding variety that was inherited when Go Local Food took over the fields (along with the inherited horse’s tail). One day in the future both will be in control.

The spent compost from the Halls of Heddon compost heap needs to be moved and turned – it’s going on the next year’s pumpkin bed along with manure. All of this will have to be turned in and any weeds raked off to leave a clean bed.