Working in the poly tunnels

  1. slugWashing out the top poly tunnel with bleach to try and control the spider mite, which means moving pots and tubs from one end to the other as work progresses.
  2. Planting up poly tunnels with two types of kale, spinach, chard, mustard leaf, with lettuces and mizuna to go in the top poly tunnel as cleaning progresses.
  3. Finding space for Chinese flowering broccoli indoors.
  4. Keeping control of the baby slugs who seem to be having a party in the middle tunnel!
  5. As we are taking out chilli plants we are putting them in pots for members to take home. Hopefully you will all care for these carefully and they survive on window ledges, We hope that when they are returned in spring we shall have an early start with the crop.

There are still pea and bean fences to come down outside as soon as possible.