Quiet growing times

SeedlingsIt’s a case of waiting for the weather to warm up the soil outside so that growing can commence. Meanwhile the work shares are working indoors pricking out pak choi, spinach and Chinese flowering broccoli.

The small poly tunnel needs a good sweep out and tidying ready for use as the pricking out and bringing on space.

Given a chance there is last year’s summer crop bed to clear so that manure can be applied after the last crops have been harvested. The grower says that at least the manure can be ordered so that it’s ready to use at the first opportunity rather than being sent to someone else.

Meanwhile the grower is taking a couple of days to finish the roof on his lambing shed. This will allow some roofing sheets to be bought down to Go Local Food to help with a certain shed roof. These sheets will be larger than the ones in use at present so should overlap the beams better and stop more of the leaks. Well that’s the plan.