Hot Compost Bed Preparation

Preparing no dig bedsUp at the Go Local Food fields we are busily doing bed preparation for the day when we can start to use the hot compost from our proposed new composting system. We hope that this will allow us to have to undertake far less digging in the future as well as helping us to control the weeds more effectively as explained in this post back in November.

Our work shares, and particularly William, have been hard at work creating new beds with appropriate paths in between them to be used with this new system. The present cold compost that we have available is being added for now. As you can see – the onions are growing apace in the bed allocated to them. Let’s hope that the high winds associated with Storm Erik didn’t put the removed and unsecured covers when the pictures were taken into the nearest hedge.

We are just waiting for the planning permission required before we can erect the planned new compost bays that will allow us to institute the full planned hot composting system. Ian our grower has been clearing the ground for the contractor to start work as soon as we have the planning permission.