Using the hot compost trial beds

Onion sets in trial bedPlans are now being made on how to make the most use of the hot compost trial beds this season.

The first ever bed is full of over wintering onion sets which are growing well. There are some left over onion sets which haven’t been set away yet so these are going into the bed next door to get a crop of something. They will fit into the crop share system as scallions all being well. Waste is frowned upon so everything has to have a chance to grow into something we can put in the crop share.

Broad beans are being sown 700 at a time in modules in the poly tunnels with the expectation that this will be done every other week and the seedlings planted out as soon as big enough in the hot compost trial beds until these are full.

The idea is mainly to prevent the riotous rabbits that are still getting into the Go Local Food fields from munching the seedlings as they appear if planted straight into the ground.