Naming our project

compost mattersUntil we find extra land and develop our community farm, we need to be growing as efficiently and effectively as we can to feed our growing membership whilst looking after our volunteers. And so we have devised a trial project which we are setting up on the middle field, turning beds into no-dig plots. The plots are 75 cm wide, and divided by wood chip paths.

So far we have so far referred to our new growing trial using in the negative – No-Till (and we don’t use the word ‘Till’ much these days) or No-Dig (as we prepare the plots we not sure our work shares would be agreeing with that!).

We wanted something positive, and it’s quite a complicated project to sum up in a single title. However we have a new title. A very long list was produced, reduced and members voted for: Some like it HOT! #compostmatters

We even have a temporary logo, hoping for something more creative perhaps when our designer gets to work.